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Joanna Lykouresis

CEO – °CRYO Stay Young Australia

Fitness, health and wellness are not just Joanna’s interests or industries, they’re the pillars she lives by. Joanna continually has big ideas about how to approach health holistically and prides herself on immaculate execution.

Joanna is an accomplished business owner and director with over a decade of industry experience in the areas of health, wellness and fitness.

Joanna doesn’t only just think big, Joanna has the necessary skills to make those ideas a reality. Joanna is highly skilled in Business Planning, Franchises, Coaching, Sales, Fitness Training, and Gym operations. Strong entrepreneurship is always Joanna’s goal and consistent professionalism is her favourite way to hit her targets.

Joanna also has a Bachelor of Psychology (Science) focused in Psychology from the University of Sydney. Joanna then sat her GAMSAT test which she passed with flying colours and halted her studies in Medical Science at the University of Sydney on the fourth year to pursue her time and efforts in running her own businesses.

Joanna loves making professional acquaintances and advocating a healthy lifestyle. Reach out if you want to talk about health, wellness and fitness


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