Cupping, like Acupuncture, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice and based on the concept of promoting Qi (pronounced as Chee). It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction, which in turn facilitates the increase in blood flow circulation. Cupping °CRYO Cellulite combats the cause of poor blood circulation, lymphatic issues, fluid retention and hormonal imbalances. The suction of the cups breaks up the cellulite and changes the texture of your skin with repeated use. °CRYO Slim will complete the treatment.

Benefits include:

Reduce cellulite and toning with no downtime

Enhance skin firmness and resilience

Increase collagen and improves skin elasticity

Non-invasive with instant results


Our °CRYO treatments are designed to give you optimal results depending on the benefit you are looking for. With options for °CRYO Whole Body, °CRYO Facials, Localised °CRYO, Cryo T-Shock and Normatec, you can choose a cryotherapy treatment perfect for your needs.