Guasha (pronounced gwah-shah), like Acupuncture, is based on the concept of promoting qi (pronounced chee), the balance and flow of your body’s energy. Smooth, half-moon shaped stones are gently massaged on your face to increase circulation and lymphatic flow in your face for clear skin, fewer wrinkles, and a more sculpted appearance. °CRYO Facelift will follow to tighten skin and boost collagen with visible results in the first session.

Benefits include:

Non-invasive instant facelift

No downtime

Reduced fine lines & wrinkles

Boost collagen production

Even & smoother skin tone

Improved facial blood circulation


Our °CRYO treatments are designed to give you optimal results depending on the benefit you are looking for. With options for °CRYO Whole Body, °CRYO Facials, Localised °CRYO, Cryo T-Shock and Normatec, you can choose a cryotherapy treatment perfect for your needs.